Seoul National University
Law Research Institute
Journal of Korean Law

Volume 13 No. 2 - June 2014


The Exclusion of Illegally Obtained Confessions, Electronic Communications and 
Physical Evidences in Korea
Kuk Cho

The Discovery of Criminal Evidence in South Korea

Dong Woon Shin

Expansion and Development of the Right to Counsel in Korea

Yong-Sik Lee

Development of Security Rights Law since the Codification of the Civil Code of Korea

Jae Hyung Kim

Korean Green Growth: A Paradigm Shift in Sustainability Policy, and its International

Hong Sik Cho, John M. Leitner, Jae-Hyup Lee, and Seong Wook Heo 

Current Issues in Physician Payment in the United States and the Republic of South Korea

Sylvia A. Law

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